ADLAW INTERNATIONAL - 2023 Annual Meeting

  • By : Christoph Kolonko
  • 3 September 2023

Disclosure and Transparency | Advertising and AI

In the vibrant heart of Rio de Janeiro, the 2023 Annual Meeting brings together industry experts, thought leaders, and enthusiasts to delve deep into two of the most pertinent issues defining our digital age: Disclosure & Transparency and the evolution of Advertising through Artificial Intelligence.

PANEL 1 | Disclosure and Transparency: Today, influencers stand at the forefront of social media advertising, wielding unparalleled power in shaping consumer behavior and perceptions. This panel will explore the pivotal role influencers play in today's digital landscape. How can transparency be ensured? What ethical considerations come into play? As audiences grow more discerning, and platforms evolve, the quest for authenticity and clear disclosure has never been more paramount.

PANEL 2 | Advertising and AI: The symbiosis of technology and advertising is reshaping the way we think about consumer outreach. As AI becomes increasingly integral to marketing strategies, a myriad of legal challenges arise. This panel will navigate the complex terrain of AI in advertising. From data privacy concerns to the ethics of machine learning algorithms and their potential biases, we will unpack the legal hurdles that today's innovators face.

Join us for these illuminating discussions, network with industry peers, and gain insights that will shape the future of digital advertising. Welcome to the nexus of innovation and responsibility, in the heart of Rio!

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